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Mainstreaming Fairness? : A discussion paper by Dr. Christopher McCrudden, on “Policy Appraisal and Fair Treatment”,1996


This discussion document was prepared by Dr Christopher McCrudden and is being circulated by the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) as part of a broad consultative process.

The issue with which this discussion paper is concerned can be simply stated. It is the extent to which, and the methods by which, that commitment can be made more effective.

In the course of our work it has become clear that there is a growing consensus around the potential which Policy Appraisal and Fair Treatment (PAFT) has to contribute to greater fairness for everyone within our society – especially to those within society who need change the most and who crucially need to be involved in decisions about such change. The outstanding question now seems to be how best to embed PAFT. Dr McCrudden’s work provides a number of concrete proposals as to how best to achieve this goal.

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