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S456 CAJ to the Executive Office of the NI Executive on the draft Programme for Government Framework 2016-2021

Following elections in May 2016 a new NI Executive was formed consisting of the DUP, Sinn Féin and an independent MLA. A draft Programme for Government Framework Document (PfG Framework Document) was then published for consultation by the Executive Office (formerly OFMdFM) on the 27 May 2016 until July 2016.

The PfG Framework Document differs from previous Programmes for Government in taking an outcomes and measured indicators focused approach. The PfG Framework Document does not contain actions but states that the next steps among other matters are to:

  • Build Action Plans for coming years;
  • Finalise and agree a Programme for Government;
  • Finalise and agree a ‘refreshed Economic Strategy’; a new ‘investment strategy’ and a ‘Social Strategy’ by the end of 2016.

The new ‘Social Strategy’ is referred to as an anti-poverty/social strategy on the PfG webpage.1 The document also undertakes to implement previous NI Executive commitments (which would include, for example the Child Poverty, Sexual Orientation and Racial Equality Strategies) and also commits to other matters including:

  • The Implementation of the Fresh Start Agreement;
  • Working to resolve the outstanding issues regarding the legacy of the past;
  • Flagship infrastructure projects announced in a previous budget;
  • Working through the North-South Ministerial Council and British-Irish Council.

In the sections on outcomes there is also a section on the role of the Executive, setting out in general terms Executive commitments to contribute to each outcome.


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