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A Beacon of Hope The Story of CAJ by Maggie Beirne, June 2016

Maggie Beirne, former director of CAJ, has written a book about the organisation’s story and development over the years to its now 35th anniversary.

“This month marks the organisation’s 35th anniversary – this study is therefore intended to reflect on CAJ’s past: what has been done and achieved, and the principles, membership structures, and techniques that have evolved. It offers some learning for the future, but Northern Ireland is now coming out of its “long hard night” and the challenges are now very different to those of earlier years. This is not meant to be a eulogy to CAJ’s past – it touches on organisational weaknesses as well as strengths, but I have to admit to sharing Mary Robinson’s overall assessment. I can only hope that I have provided enough varied and objective insights to allow others to draw their own conclusions.” – Maggie Beirne (p. 2).

The PDF version of the book can be found here.

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