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Local Councils, Obligations and The Irish Language: A Framework for Compliance

Working with Conradh na Gaeilge, we have produced a report documenting how commitments made by the UK government in relation to the Irish language have been put into practice by councils in Northern Ireland.

Local councils have an important role to play in fulfilling state duties in relation to the Irish language. This is because they have authority over matters such as street signage and community development, are engaged in cultural and heritage development, and have significant potential to promote languages through their own branding and services. Councils in Northern Ireland are also subject to good relations duties, which, if interpreted correctly, should involve them tackling prejudice and promoting cross-community understanding.

The report, entitled Local Councils, Obligations and The Irish Language: A Framework for Compliance, looks at current practice with regards to the Irish language across each council area. It includes an implementation framework, setting out in clear terms the actions councils can and should take to carry out their Irish language obligations.

Download a copy of the report here: local-councils-irish-language-obligations

To complement the report, Conradh na Gaeilge have also produced a publication containing language profiles for each council area. This can be downloaded here: council-language-profiles

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