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The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) has been reviewing and revising the procedures related to its enforcement (investigation) powers. These powers enable ECNI to investigate public bodies that fail to comply with their Section 75 duties.

In March 2019, ECNI launched a public consultation on its (draft) ‘Revised Policy and Procedures for Complaints and Investigations’. The Equality Coalition, a civil society alliance co-convened by CAJ and UNISON, has responded to this consultation with a detailed written submission.

This looks at four key areas:

  1. Timelines and process for the ECNI investigation process.
  2. The factors for determining whether to investigate a complaint.
  3. Confusing chain of command between the Statutory Duty Investigations Committee and the ECNI.
  4. Other Issues raised by Equality Coalition members.

The submission identifies several pressing issues related to the draft investigative procedures, which the Equality Coalition strongly urges the ECNI to rectify.

Read the submission in full here: EC submission on ECNI investigation powers May 2019

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