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Last year, the Equality Coalition teamed up with the Transitional Justice Institute and Human Rights Consortium to organise webinars examining human rights issues brought into sharp focus by the Covid-19 pandemic. Originally intended as a limited series, the webinars continued for far longer than we originally expected (much like the pandemic itself). Events were held regularly from summer 2020 to spring 2021, covering a diverse range of topics, including childcare, domestic abuse, digital poverty, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, and access to justice during the pandemic.

The webinars have now been made available online for watching at any time via YouTube. Click the links below to view the webinar(s) of your choosing.

The Right to Childcare

Domestic Abuse: When Home is Not a Safe Space

Black Lives Matter: Protest and Pandemic

Access to Justice: The Courts and Covid

Social Insecurity? Claiming Benefits in a Pandemic

Caring during the Pandemic

Pandemic and Brexit: Weathering the Perfect Storm

Hungry for Change: The experiences of food banks in NI

The Digital Divide

Women’s Rights, Brexit and the Bill of Rights: Challenges and Opportunities 20 years on from UNSCR 1325

The Climate Emergency: A Feminist Issue

These webinars would not have been possible without the input of our expert speakers, who gave up their time to share their insights with us. A massive thank you to all of them. and to everyone who attended one of the events.

The Equality Coalition is co-convened by CAJ and UNISON.

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