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Post-Brexit, we are facing into the biggest overhaul of the UK immigration system in decades. The impact of this on the rights of migrant and minority ethnic people will be varied and severe. However, the way in which these changes will specifically impact Northern Ireland is often overlooked in mainstream UK discourse.

Funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, CAJ’s Immigration Project has partnered with frontline organisations (who work directly with migrants) to produce Frontline Lessons for the Future: Collaborative research on the impact of immigration law and policy in post-Brexit Northern Ireland. This report maps key challenges for migrant rights in Northern Ireland, combining frontline data with CAJ’s expert legal and policy analysis. Through a series of recommendations, the report proposes policy and legislative reforms aimed at overcoming current challenges and creating a welcoming, human rights compliant immigration regime for Northern Ireland.

Download the report here.

Special thanks to all of our research partners who contributed to the report: STEP NI, Children’s Law Centre, Participation and Practice of Rights (PPR), Migrant Centre NI, and Victim Support NI.

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