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Between 1982 and the present, CAJ has released a huge library of publications on human rights issues.


S442 to the Lord Chief Justice’s Office Consultation on Note taking and the use of live text-based communications in court in Northern Ireland

S442-CAJs-Response-to-Note-taking-consultation-February-2015 CAJ welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation on note-taking and the use of live text-based communications in court in Northern Ireland. CAJ is a Non-Governmental Organisation practising a ‘watch-dog’ role in relation to civil liberties and human rights. This involves routinely attending at and observing proceedings which we generally do by the...

S441 to the Department of the Environment Consultation on Draft Statutory Guidance for the Operation of Community Planning

S441-DOE-Draft-Statutory-guidance-for-the-operation-of-community-planning-feb-2015 CAJ welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department of the Environment consultation on the Draft Statutory Guidance for the Operation of Community Planning; in particular CAJ is pleased to see that efforts have been made to highlight the safeguards between equality and good relations in section 7.3.

THE APPARATUS OF IMPUNITY? Human rights violations and the Northern Ireland conflict

a narrative of official limitations on post-Agreement investigative mechanisms No.-66-The-Apparatus-of-Impunity-Human-rights-violations-and-the-Northern-Ireland-conflict-Jan-2015 To date there has been no overarching legacy commission or transitional justice mechanism to deal with the legacy of the Northern Ireland conflict. Instead a number of criminal justice system mechanisms examine unresolved conflict-related deaths. Such mechanisms were largely prompted by a series of Article...

S440 to the Northern Ireland Office Consultation on Monitoring the use of emergency stop and search powers

S440-CAJs-submission-to-the-NIO-consultation-on-monitoring-the-use-of-emergency-stop-and-search-powers-Dec-2014 The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) issued the document “Consultation on paragraph 8.78 of the exercise of powers in the Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Act 2007 Code of Practice” for consultation between November-December 2014. The NIO is only consulting on one paragraph of its Code of Practice, namely paragraph 8.78 which currently reads: A...

S439 to the Department of Justice in response to their consultation on the Criminal Law on Abortion: Lethal Foetal Abnormality and Sexual Crime

S439-Submission-to-DoJ-consultation-on-the-criminal-law-on-abortion In July 2013 CAJ responded to the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) consultation ‘Guidance on the Termination of Pregnancy: The Law and Clinical Practice in Northern Ireland.’ In this response we reiterated it is now well established that there is a requirement of legal certainty in relation to abortion law...

CAJ Annual Report 2014

CAJ correctly describes itself as a human rights NGO. We are members of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), we orientate our work by reference to international human rights law and we locate ourselves in the mainstream of human rights activism worldwide. However, we cannot deal in detail with all aspects of human rights,...
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