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CAJ Annual Report 2014

CAJ correctly describes itself as a human rights NGO. We are members of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), we orientate our work by reference to international human rights law and we locate ourselves in the mainstream of human rights activism worldwide. However, we cannot deal in detail with all aspects of human rights,...

Covert Policing and Ensuring Accountability: Ten Years on from the Cory Collusion Inquiry Reports, where now?

No.-68-Covert-Policing-and-Ensuring-Accountability-Ten-Years-on-from-the-Cory-Collusion-Inquiry-Reports-Where-Now Synopsis The conference took place on the 1 July 2014 in the Ulster University Belfast Campus and was organised by CAJ in partnership with the Ulster University Transitional Justice Institute (TJI). The conference explored the themes of covert policing, particularly the running of agents/informants and use of intelligence, and address contemporary and historic questions...

Mapping the Rollback? Human Rights Provisions of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement 15 years on

Report of a conference held in the Great Hall, Queens University Belfast, 26 April 2013 Organised by the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) in collaboration with the Transitional Justice Institute of the University of Ulster and the Human Rights Centre at Queen’s University Belfast. No.-65-Mapping-the-Rollback-HR-Provisions-15-years-on-Conference-Report-Nov-2013 CAJ in collaboration with the Transitional Justice Institute...

Unequal Relations? Policy, the Section 75 duties and Equality Commission advice: has ‘good relations’ been allowed to undermine equality?

No.-64-Unequal-Relations-–-Policy-the-Section-75-duties-and-Equality-Commission-advice-etc-May-2013 On 23 May 2013 the Office of the First and deputy First Minister published the ‘Together: Building a United Community Strategy.’ This document confirmed a proposal, reported by the BBC back in January 2013, 1 to rename the Equality Commission the ‘Equality and Good Relations Commission’ and grant the body additional community relations powers....

Still part of life here?

A report on the use and misuse of stop and search/question powers in Northern Ireland No.-63-Still-Part-Of-Life-Here-November-2012

The Policing You Don’t See

Covert policing and the accountability gap: Five years on from the transfer of ‘national security’ primacy to MI5 No.-62-The-Policing-you-dont-see-November-2012 The participants believe it essential that policing structures and arrangements are such that the police service is professional, effective and efficient, fair and impartial, free from partisan political control; accountable, both under the law for its...

Human Rights and Dealing with Historic Cases – A Review of the Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland

No.-61-Human-Rights-and-dealing-with-Historic-Cases-–-A-review-of-the-Office-of-the-Police-Ombudsman’s-Office-for-Northern-Ireland The Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) has advocated for an independent police complaints mechanism since 1982 and continues to advocate that such a mechanism is essential to ensure public accountability of and thus confidence in policing in Northern Ireland. The current complaints mechanism – the Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern...

Prisons and Prisoners in Northern Ireland: Putting human rights at the heart of prison reform

No.-60-Prisons-and-Prisoners-in-Northern-Ireland-–-Putting-human-rights-at-the-heart-of-prison-reform Executive Summary A great deal has been written and said over the past number of years in relation to the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS). Hundreds of recommendations for change have been made, and although many of them have been taken on board, there exists a mass of unimplemented recommendations. The nature of the...

Policing with the Community? Patten’s ‘New Beginning’ 10 Years on

No.-59-Policing-with-the-Community-Patten’s-‘New-Beginning’-10-Years-On-Proceedings-of-a-conference-which-took-place-in-Belfast-in-November-2009 CAJ has worked on policing since its establishment in 1981. It followed closely the Patten process, and since then has monitored how these changes have been implemented and human rights standards complied with. This conference, organised by the Policing Programme in CAJ, sought to examine Patten ten years on. Anchored in the Patten Report,...
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