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Human Rights on Duty: Principles for better policing – International lessons for Northern Ireland, 1997

No.-37-Human-Rights-on-Duty-Principles-for-better-policing-International-lessons-for-Northern-Ireland-December-1997 The origins of this research project lie in the fact that there was a burgeoning of public interest in policing issues in the immediate wake of the loyalist and republican cease-fires in 1994. CAJ, seeking to make a constructive contribution to this debate, and thanks to the generosity of charitable trusts such as the...

Civil Liberties in Northern Ireland The CAJ Handbook 3rd Edition

No.-38-CAJ-Handbook-3rd-edition-December-1997 edited by Brice Dickson

Policing the Police: A Report on the Policing of Events During the Summer of 1997 in Northern Ireland, 1997

No.-36-Policing-the-Police-November-1997 In 1996, CAJ sent observers to marches and protests in different parts of Northern Ireland. As a result of this first-hand experience, and drawing upon a number of detailed witness statements, the organisation published a major study entitled The Misrule of Law. The report focused on the policing of contentious parades and demonstrations and...

Making a Bill of Rights Stick: Options for Implementation in Northern Ireland, A Discussion Paper, 1997

No.-35-Making-a-Bill-of-Rights-Stick-Options-for-Implementation-in-NI-A-Discussion-Paper-September-1997 This paper surveys the relevant possibilities and presents CAJ’s preferred options for the implementation of a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland. These are provisional; in light of the discussions prompted by this paper CAJ may well alter its views and plump for different options.

Mainstreaming Fairness, “Policy Appraisal and Fair Treatment”, A summary of a consultation process around “Policy Appraisal & Fair Treatment”, 1997

No.-34-Mainstreaming-Fairness-June-1997 In the course of our activities, and particularly in the context of the Employment Equality Review, CAJ has become increasingly aware of the positive contribution which could be made to the pursuit of equality of opportunity by the government’s Policy Appraisal and Fair Treatment (PAFT) guidelines. These guidelines were issued first in 1990, but...

Mainstreaming Fairness? : A discussion paper by Dr. Christopher McCrudden, on “Policy Appraisal and Fair Treatment”,1996

No.-33-Mainstreaming-Fairness-November-1996 This discussion document was prepared by Dr Christopher McCrudden and is being circulated by the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) as part of a broad consultative process. The issue with which this discussion paper is concerned can be simply stated. It is the extent to which, and the methods by which, that...

The Misrule of Law: A report on the policing of events during the Summer of 1996 in Northern Ireland, 1996

No.-32-The-Misrule-of-Law-October-1996 The Report is based largely on detailed reports from a team of impartial and independent observers who represented the CAJ at over twenty contentious parades and demonstrations between late June and early September 1996. It raises concerns about several of the more serious incidents of the summer: The death of Dermot McShane A disturbance...

Fair Employment For All: Submission to the Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights on Fair Employment, 1996

No.-31-Fair-Employment-For-All-Submission-to-the-Standing-Advisory-Commission-on-Human-Rights-on-Fair-Employment-February-1996 This submission to the Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights was produced by the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) in response to a review of the fair employment legislation. The review was first announced at the time of the passage of the Fair Employment (Northern Ireland) Act 1989 and was co-ordinated by...
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