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The Misrule of Law: A report on the policing of events during the Summer of 1996 in Northern Ireland, 1996

No.-32-The-Misrule-of-Law-October-1996 The Report is based largely on detailed reports from a team of impartial and independent observers who represented the CAJ at over twenty contentious parades and demonstrations between late June and early September 1996. It raises concerns about several of the more serious incidents of the summer: The death of Dermot McShane A disturbance...

Fair Employment For All: Submission to the Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights on Fair Employment, 1996

No.-31-Fair-Employment-For-All-Submission-to-the-Standing-Advisory-Commission-on-Human-Rights-on-Fair-Employment-February-1996 This submission to the Standing Advisory Commission on Human Rights was produced by the Committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) in response to a review of the fair employment legislation. The review was first announced at the time of the passage of the Fair Employment (Northern Ireland) Act 1989 and was co-ordinated by...

Human Rights: The Agenda for Change – Human Rights, the Northern Ireland Conflict and the Peace Process, 1995

No.-30-Human-Rights-The-Agenda-for-Change-HR-the-NI-Conflict-and-the-Peace-Process This includes proceedings of a conference held in Belfast on 11th and 12th March 1995. The Agenda for Change includes five elements: Constitutional Guarantees Legislative Measures Institutional Changes Dealing with the Legacy of the Past Building for the Future

No Emergency, No Emergency Law: Emergency Legislation related to Northern Ireland the case for repeal, 1995

No.-28-No-Emergency-No-Emergency-Law This pamphlet provides an overview of the history of “emergency” legislation before and after partition focusing on the development of the current Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act 1973 and many of the provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1989.

“Harassment: It’s part of life here…” Survey of young people’s attitudes to and experience of harassment by the security forces, 1994

No.-27-Harassment-Its-part-of-life-here-December-1994 A major piece of work on the harassment of civilians by the security forces in Northern Ireland covering three broad categories of research: Policing in general Problems with policing and police malpractice Policing in Northern Ireland

Right to Silence debate, the Northern Ireland Experience, 1994

No.-29-Right-to-Silence-debate-the-Northern-Ireland-Experience-May-1994 This Report is based on research undertaken by Ellen Weaver, a solicitor and freelance researcher, on behalf of JUSTICE and CAJ. This project focuses on: The change in rates of charge and conviction, particularly in serious and terrorist cases. The experience of legal practitioners, particularly in regard to suspects cautioned and questioned by the...

Adding Insult to Injury? Allegations of Harassment and the use of Lethal Force by the Security Forces in Northern Ireland, 1994

No.-24-Adding-insult-to-injury-1994 The Committee on the Administration of Justice carried out a project seeking to document harassment and other alleged abuses by the security force members before and after the use of lethal force by soldiers of police. The issues surrounding the use of lethal force have been long-standing concerns for the CAJ. During the course...

A Fresh look at Complaints against the Police, 1993

No.-23-Fresh-look-at-complaints-1993 This publication is intended to complement those already issued by the CAJ on policing issues. We hope that it will contribute to a greater awareness of the need for the introduction of an independent system for the investigation of complaints against the police and the feasibility of such a scheme.

Civil Liberties in Northern Ireland: The CAJ Handbook (2nd edition), 1993

No.-26-Civil-Liberties-in-Northern-Ireland-The-CAJ-Handbook-2nd-edition-June-1993 Handbook, valid as of June 1st 1993 covering: Remedies Powers of the Police and Army Questioning Suspects Complaints Against the Police Prisoners’ Rights Immigration and Freedom of Movement Meetings and Demonstrations Freedom of Expression Access to Information Religious Discrimination Sex Discrimination Rights of Disabled People Family and Sexual Matters Education Rights Employment Rights Housing...
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