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CAJ regularly responds to government public consultations.  A full list of our consultations submissions is available below.

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S427 to Northern Ireland Assembly Local Government Bill, Consideration Stage Amendments to Clause 69 (Community Planning)

S427-CAJ-submission-to-NIA-Local-Government-Bill-Consideration-Stage-Amendments-to-Clause-69-March-2014 The Northern Ireland Assembly will consider amendments to the Local Government Bill on the 18 March 2014 during its Consideration Stage. CAJ provides the following commentary on amendments tabled in the Marshalled List to clause 69 of the Bill, which deals with the new Community Planning function on local government.

S424 The Haass Proposed Agreement on dealing with the past: analysis from a human rights perspective.

S424-Haass-CAJ-response-in-relation-to-Dealing-with-the-Past-January-2014 In general, CAJ regards this section of the Proposed Agreement as a careful, sensitive and sensible contribution to the debate on dealing with the past. We also believe that, subject to a number of caveats, it could be compliant with human rights standards. The Introduction to this section stresses the practical importance of engaging...

S423 to supplementary proposals from the Dept of Justice, on New Powers Package Policy Paper for OPONI

S423-CAJs-submission-to-supplementary-proposals-from-the-DoJ-on-New-Powers-Package-Policy-Paper-for-OPONI-October-2013 CAJ responded to the Department of Justice Targeted Consultation on the new powers package for the Police Ombudsman in July 2013. CAJ welcomed the reforms, from the Police Ombudsman’s Five Year Review of Powers, that the Department intended to implement, which would remedy gaps in OPONI’s remit. CAJ also noted that other recommendations from...

S426 request to ECNI for Para 11 Investigation into Department of Social Development (DSD) Strategic Housing Policy

S426-CAJs-request-to-ECNI-for-Para-11-Investigation-into-DSD-Strategic-Housing-Policy-Oct-2013 Request to Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) for a ‘Paragraph 11’ Investigation into the Department of Social Development (DSD) in relation to failure to abide by its Equality Scheme in relation to the strategic Housing Strategy policy This is a request that the ECNI use its paragraph 11 powers under Schedule 9 of...

S425 request to ECNI for Para 11 Investigation into OFMdFM Strategic Investment Fund decisions

S425-CAJs-request-to-ECNI-for-Para-11-Investigation-into-OFMdFM-SIF-decisions-Oct-2013 Request to Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) for a ‘Paragraph 11’ Investigation into the Office of the First and deputy First Minister (OFMdFM) in relation to compatibility with the OFMdFM Equality Scheme of a reported policy decision not to approve the release of Social Investment Fund (SIF) monies on the basis of objective...

S422 Written Evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the Inquiries Act 2005

S422-CAJs-Written-Evidence-to-House-of-Lords-inquiry-on-the-Inquiries-Act-_September-2013_ CAJ welcomes the opportunity to provide Written Evidence to the Select Committee on the Inquiries Act 2005. CAJ notes that the Select Committee was set up on 16 May 2013 primarily with the task of conducting post-legislative scrutiny of the Act but also to consider law and practice relating to inquiries into matters of...

S420 to the Northern Ireland Policing Board Working Group on the PSNI, Historical Enquiries Team (HET)

S420-CAJs-submission-to-the-NI-Policing-Board-Working-Group-on-the-PSNI-Historical-Enquiries-Team-_September-2 CAJ welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the Policing Board Working Group on the PSNI Historical Enquiries Team (HET) which is presently overseeing the implementation of the recommendations of the recent HM Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC) report into the HET. This brief cover paper will outline CAJ’s general position in relation to...

S419 Dealing with the Past: Investigating Troubles-Related Deaths: Submission to the multi-party group chaired by Richard Haass

S419-CAJs-submission-to-the-multi-Party-Gp-Dealing-with-the-Past-Investigating-Troubles-Related-Deaths-Haass-Aug-13 Northern Ireland is a region attempting to overcome a legacy of violence and division and to build a new society based on human rights and equality. In spite of the “fresh start” represented by the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and the St Andrews and subsequent agreements, it is widely recognised that “dealing with the...

S417 to the North/South Language Body on its consultation on its draft Equality Scheme




S412 CAJ’s Written Evidence to Westminster, on the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Bill


S415 to the Department of Justice’s Consultation on the ‘New Powers Package Policy Paper’ OPONI

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