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Why join CAJ?

If you are interested in human rights issues in Northern Ireland, we would love to have you join us as a member! As a member, you’ll receive our ezine, Just Updates; our human rights newsletter, Just News, an invite to our AGM; and invites to selected CAJ events throughout the year.

How CAJ membership works

CAJ is a membership organisation open to individuals who support our aims. Organisations may affiliate on the same basis and attend meetings, but, unlike individuals, do not have voting rights. By applying for Membership, you agree to support the objects of CAJ (as described below) and to comply with our Articles of Association. Our Executive Committee approves all applications for membership of CAJ.

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Highest standards

To secure the highest standards in the administration of justice in Northern Ireland,  to defend and advance civil liberties and the rights and freedoms recognised by international human rights law, to monitor the operation of the system  of justice and to campaign for reforms.

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CAJ is non party political and non-profit making and takes no money from the state.

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To give co-operation, assistance and encouragement on an international basis to the defence and advancement of civil liberties and the rights and freedoms recognised by international human rights law.

Apply for CAJ Membership

Please complete all sections below carefully to ensure we can process your application. You do not need to complete the ‘Organisation / Institution’ field unless you are intending to apply on behalf of an organisation. We will contact you via email after you have applied to collect your membership fee.

If you have any issues with the form, or are unsure which category of membership is appropriate for you, please email

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    Other ways to help

    In addition to becoming a member of CAJ, you can also support our work in other ways!


    CAJ receives its funding from private charities and individuals; we do not seek or take government funding. Please consider making a donation to help support our work. Every donation helps us promote justice and protect rights in Northern Ireland!

    Donate via LocalGiving Donate via PayPal


    We are always interested in hearing from students (and others) who are willing to donate a little time and energy to promoting justice and protecting human rights in Northern Ireland. If you would like to help CAJ in this way, email us at Please attach your CV and provide a short explanation of why you would like to volunteer with us.

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