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Policing the Police: A Report on the Policing of Events During the Summer of 1997 in Northern Ireland, 1997

No.-36-Policing-the-Police-November-1997 In 1996, CAJ sent observers to marches and protests in different parts of Northern Ireland. As a result of this first-hand experience, and drawing upon a number of detailed witness statements, the organisation published a major study entitled The Misrule of Law. The report focused on the policing of contentious parades and demonstrations and...

The Misrule of Law: A report on the policing of events during the Summer of 1996 in Northern Ireland, 1996

No.-32-The-Misrule-of-Law-October-1996 The Report is based largely on detailed reports from a team of impartial and independent observers who represented the CAJ at over twenty contentious parades and demonstrations between late June and early September 1996. It raises concerns about several of the more serious incidents of the summer: The death of Dermot McShane A disturbance...

Emergency Laws in Northern Ireland: a conference report, 1982

No.-2-Emergency-laws-in-NI-conference-report-1982 Emergency law in Northern Ireland was one of the principal themes of a conference organised by the Committee on the Administration of Justice at the Student’s Union, Queen’s University, Belfast, on April 24, 1982. About 80 people took part in the conference, coming from all parts of the Northern Ireland community, and including lawyers,...

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